Spread The T-Virus and Receive Free Resident Evil Game Content

Capcom is hard at work bringing us a new remastered edition of the original Resident Evil video game. Based off the GameCube edition, fans will be playing through the original title once more in 1080p enhanced graphics. Capcom has also revealed a new campaign where gamers and fans of the Resident Evil series can earn free in-game content so long as you help spread the T-Virus.

The official Resident Evil Twitter account has posted a new campaign in which if succeeded, everyone who picks up the upcoming HD remastered edition of Resident Evil will also receive free in-game content.

Spreading the T-Virus would seem like the campaign would be intense much like the Resident Evil series itself. Unfortunately it’s really not. The campaign states that you would be helping the fanbase of the Resident Evil as a whole by spreading the T-Virus but really all you need to do is sign up to receive free updates on the Resident Evil video game series.

The way you sign up is through Facebook, email or through a Capcom account. Each time someone registers, the farther the T-Virus flows through Raccoon City. So far at the time of writing this a total of 31% of Raccoon City is infected with the virus.

You can sign up and spread the virus right here.