Sony to drop Online Pass system

According to SCE Europe boss Jim Ryan, Sony does not expect to see many a Online Passes on the PS4. Unlike the Xbox One, Sony will only allow publishers to implement soft used games restrictions, nothing more.

In his words, “They’re allowed to do something like the Online Pass feature, which doesn’t block or stop it. It gives an option to charge. I don’t think they can block it.”

It was clarified that any system changes cannot be made to the PS4 by publishers by utilizing any scheme, restricting the access of used games present on the disc. Basically, there would not be much change from the current gen to the next gen.

Although these renders Online Pass system usable, Ryan believes that these will soon be a thing of the past in the PS4.

“It’s a diminishing phenomenon and I don’t see any reason why that should reverse itself.” He confirmed Sony dropping the Online Pass system, “Some publishers have gone bankrupt and others are dropping it. We’re dropping it ourselves.”

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