Sony Sends Beta Invites For PlayStation Now

Sony has started to roll out beta tester invites for the upcoming PlayStation Now service. This service is the answer for backwards compatibility for Sony’s PlayStation 4 though it’s unknown how well the service will actually run. That’s soon about to change as a launch of beta testers will get their hands dirty testing out the different features and overall service quality. Apparently, if you were chosen to participate in the beta an email should be waiting for your within your inbox.

The beta hasn’t started just yet as the email is asking for your acceptance  into the beta. Sony will then send off vouchers for the actual beta. According to the email beta testers will be able to have full access to test PlayStation’s game streaming service with an access to popular PlayStation 3 titles.

We’re unsure of how many video game titles will be available in the service for beta testers. In fact the only game we have seen the service shown on is Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us which was seen at CES 2014. This beta is only available for the PlayStation 3 console at the moment not to be confused with the PlayStation 4. Sony recommends connecting your PlayStation 3 to an Ethernet cable and receive at least 5Mbps internet speed.