Sony Reveals Summer Video Game Promotion

Looks like there is a brand new promotion going on within the PSN from Sony. The new promotion gives gamers the incentive to purchase multiplayer video games as they are given back money for use within the PSN store.

This new summer promotion in PSN showcases four upcoming video game titles that will be releasing on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and the PS Vita. The four video game titles are as follows: Rouge Legacy (July 29), The Swapper (August 5), Hohokum (August 12), and lastly CounterSpy (August 18).

How the promotion works is that gamers who purchase at least two video games from these four will get $3 back for use in the PSN. Those who purchase three will get $6 or if you pick up all four of the video game titles, you will receive $10 back.

Furthermore, the games will be cross-buy supported so no matter what system you purchased the games on, gamers can enjoy them on whatever console or handheld they wish to play. Additionally, PlayStation Plus subscribers will have a discounted 20% off any of their preorders.