Sony Continues to Work Out PlayStation Now Prices

Sony continues to work out price points for the PlayStation Now service. The beta is currently open within North America and Sony has seen some criticism for the prices from gamers who are already trying out the service.

Sony’s PlayStation Now is a service that will allow gamers who are using a PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and even select Sony Bravia TV’s to stream PlayStation 3 video games.

The open beta has already over 100 video game titles to enjoy but the rental prices has stirred up a debate. As of right now, gamers can rent video games in the following duration’s:

  • $2.99 – 4 Hours
  • $5.99 – 7 Days
  • $7.99 – 30 Days
  • $14.99 – 90 Days

CVG asked PlayStation Europe boss Jim Ryan, about the PlayStation Now service and if there will be any changes for the rental prices.

Learning’ is the right word, because this is a new business for us and we have to be kind of humble and accept that we don’t understand it yet, and learn quickly.

We’re learning about what the right model for consumers is: we’re starting off with rental, and [figuring out] what’s the right period to rent, what’s the right price for the rental, playing with these things. We haven’t got them quite right yet, but we will do, and we’ll just take learnings from it and do stuff differently as appropriate.

One of the things we’re learning is that rental is one model and it’s attractive for some people, but others may be more interested in some sort of subscription approach, and that’s also something that we’re looking at.