Skyrim Composer Wants To Work On The New Lord Of The Rings TV Series

Hey, you know what the best movies in the world are? Peter Jackson’s Lord Of The Rings series of course, and if you’re a LOTR fan then you’re probably more than concerned about the upcoming Amazon Lord Of The Rings TV series.

Credit: New Line Cinema

It’s pretty damn hard to transform a beloved franchise into something else, and Amazon is definitely taking on a huge project here. Even Jackson’s own revisit to Middle Earth in The Hobbit movies left a lot of fans underwhelmed.

Although details on the show are thin on the ground right now, it seems that someone’s already got their eye on the show’s soundtrack, and it’s none other than Jeremy Soule.

Credit: Bethesda

If Soule’s name doesn’t ring a bell, his music definitely will, as he’s the mastermind composer behind games such as Skyrim, Oblivion and Morrowind.

Tweeting for people’s opinions on the matter, Soule asked: “Jeremy Soule + Amazon’s new Middle Earth series = good idea? Here’s more info…”

The poll received a huge 95% in favour of the idea, with just 5% disagreeing. For the record, I’m in the 5%. It’s Howard Shore or nothing for me, but it seems I’m definitely in the minority here.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the soundtracks for those Bethesda games are absolutely spot-on, but can they really beat the heart-racing tension and eye-wateringly-good emotion behind Howard Shore’s Lord Of The Rings music? No. Probably not. But if anyone can come close, it’s probably Soule.

Credit: New Line Cinema

It’s yet to be confirmed whether or not Soule will be the composer everyone’s hoping for. Wonder what Shore has to say on the matter…?

Credit: New Line Cinema