League Of Legends’ New LGBTQ Character Is A ‘Curious Chameleon’

League of Legends has unveiled its newest champion known as Neeko, and she’s definitely a change of pace for the game.

Neeko is a colourful and squirrel-like character who’s actually a chameleon. The shapeshifting Neeko is also the latest LGBTQ addition to the game. Check out her introduction trailer below.

YouTube video

The internet has a lot to say on the topic, with the LGBTQ community loving the inclusion of Neeko.

Over on Reddit, it’s been confirmed that Neeko has a crush on Nidalee, in a post that states: “For those of you who are like ‘why does this matter why are you forcing it in our face’, it’s just nice to have some LBGT representation in-game, and I’d hardly say it’s forced in your face. It also shows how sexuality can shape personality – re-watch her Special Interactions knowing this, and it suddenly makes a lot more sense.”

Credit: Riot Games

However, not everyone is thrilled, with some people calling out Riot Games for looking for a quick way to get League of Legends back into the headlines…

On Twitter, one user writes: “There are exclusive lines with exclusive characters and its not influenced by outside matters like neeko is with LGBTQ its a marketing strategy and it shouldnt be part of the game.”

Credit: Riot Games

Credit: Riot Games

The LGBTQ community is definitely underrepresented in the world of gaming – but do you think Riot Games has added Neeko for the right reasons?