Six Terrible Sequels That Should Have Never Been Made

Some sequels are amazing. They take whatever made the first game great, and they fix any of the issues and generally just improve on everything. Other times, however, they should have just left well enough alone…

Here are six sequels to great games that not only didn’t need to exist, but probabally shouldn’t have even been made…

6. Resident Evil 6


The Resident Evil series set the bar for horror games, but six took a drastic turn. It was a full on action shooter. They had started leaning in that direction with 5, but 6 really dropped the ball and set up the need for a major correction. They found the heart and soul of this franchise again with Resident Evil 7, thankfully, and let’s hope they don’t try to chase trends or to appeal to a totally different audience ever again.

5. Diablo 3

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People looked forward to D3 for years and years, and this pick might be controversial because this game is almost universally loved, but it’s not without flaws. They took away a lot of the annoying little quirks from Diablo 2 in order to streamline things, but in the process that also took away a lot of the heart of the game.

4. Mega Man X7

The Megaman X series is great, and X8 was a lot better than X7, and X7 just shouldn’t have been a thing. The 3D level design felt really off, like it was kind of shoe-horned in, and not something that’s necessary or expected from a Mega Man game. If you’re going to do that, make sure you do a good job like Super Mario 64. Mega Man X7¬†was very poorly received, barely making it past 50% on MetaCritic.

3. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2

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The Force Unleashed was a fun take on the Star Wars universe, it wasn’t without its issues but it was still a fun game. Fast forward to The Force Unleashed 2, it received lower scores and wasn’t as well received as the first one. Now, neither of these games are AAA perfect gems or anything, but why make a sequel when the first one would have been plenty? Unless you really plan to fix all of the issues are take things to the next level.

2. Duke Nukem Forever

image: steam

This game was in development for around a decade and a half, and when it finally landed it was a pretty big disappointment, and destined for the bargain bins almost instantly.

Sometimes, nostalgia isn’t enough. Anyone who grew up playing the original Duke Nukem games and Duke Nukem 3D on PC has a fond memory for the series, but Duke should have probabally stayed in the past, how are you ever going to live up to over a decade’s worth of expectations?

1. Bioshock 2

The first Bioshock game was incredibly influential, and you could tell how much love and passion the team put into it. When Bioshock 2 was given to a different studio to handle, because the original team wasn’t interested in milking Rapture, it just lacked that certain something. It’s like if you told a different painter to do a new portrait of the Mona Lisa, it might look similar, but in between those similar brush strokes there’s just something missing.