Secret way to defeat Articuno and Lugia in Pokémon Go discovered

The Legendary Raids in Pokémon Go have started and people are now trying to beat Articuno And Lugia. Although there are some ways beat the Legendary Pokémon, both of them are reasonably difficult to counter. Here are the best Pokémon and tactics to choose from in order to compete against them.


Pokémon such as Tyranitar can pose a real threat to the Legendary Pokémon as it has access to both Fire Blast and Stone Edge. Those are the two attacks that can do the most damage against Articuno.

Another Rock-Type Pokémon suitable for this battle is Kabutops. It is also a Water-Type Pokémon which means it can endure most of Articuno’s attacks. Moreover, Kabutops has access to Stone Edge which can deal a great amount of damage to Articuno. Magcargo and Sudowoodo should also be considered. They can both use Stone Edge and have no issue against Ice-Type Pokémon.

Articuno is an Ice-Type and Flying-Type Pokémon which means that it is weak against different types of Pokémon. In general, Ice-Type are mostly vulnerable against Rock, Fire, Fighting, and Steel-Type attacks. On the other hand, because Articuno is a Flying-Type as well, it is weak against Electric-Type attacks

Apart from Stone Edge, moves such as Thunder, Overheat, Zap Cannon, and Flash Cannon can be great against this kind of Pokémon. The best Pokémon that have access to those attacks are Jolteon, Charizard, Typhlosion or Flareon and Magneton.

Articuno may not be as strong as Lugia but it is still tough to compete. A minimum of 6 players is recommended in order to increase your chances of beating the Legendary Pokémon.


Lugia is a Flying-Type Pokémon, same as Articuno. Although, instead of being an Ice-Type it is actually a Psychic-Type Pokémon. Catching it is not an easy task. It is the toughest Raid Boss in Pokémon Go and can only be encountered in a Level 5 Raid. This means that in order to catch it, you first need to beat it.

Rock-Type Pokémon don’t stand a chance against Lugia. Its special attack, Hydro Pump can wipe such Pokémon in a single hit. The best choices for this battle would be Electric and Dark-Type Pokémon. They have less chance of getting knocked out by Lugia’s special attack.

With Lugia being stronger than Articuno, it will obviously take more players to defeat the Legendary Pokémon. Around 8 players will be suitable for this battle. Moreover, there is a timestamp of 5 minutes for players to beat it.

There is no need to worry however as you are able to join the battle again with a set of 6 new Pokémon. Be cautious though since there is a time limit for people to re-enter the Raid. You should make sure that your Pokémon are not only able to beat Lugia but also withstand its special attacks.

The new Pokémon invaded the Pokémon Go universe this week and are now appearing in places all around the world.