Here’s how the first Legendary Pokémon look like in Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go released one year ago and it is one of the most played smartphone games ever. Since then, its popularity has decreased but a portion of players still remain dedicated to the game.

Despite its decline, Niantic keeps updating the game regularly and packs it with new features. One of the most recent updates is the addition of two more Pokémon in the game. The Legendaries Articuno and Lugia made their way into the game during the Pokemon Go Fest.

Lugia was awarded to players that tried to catch as many Pokémon as they could. On the other hand, Team Mystic who caught the most Pokemon at the Pokemon Go Fest were given Articuno as a reward.

The Legendary Raids went live on 9pm ET and are now popping up in multiple places around the world. Despite the difficulty of finding them, defeating Articuno and Lugia is tough as well. It is believed that it will need at least 8-9 high-level players in order to beat those two Legendary Pokémon.

Below you can view a list of some images of the Legendary Pokémon: