10 Things All Real Gamers Hate

There are some things that a real gamer just cannot stand, constantly getting on his or her nerves every time they come across such situations: underage kids that have a big mouth, infernal lag, deceitful developers and cheating opponents being just the tip of the iceberg. In what follows we’ll be discussing 10 of the most annoying things that each and every gamer who knows his or her deal hates or has hated at some point in their life.

12 Year Olds

There’s nothing worse than a twelve-year-old kid who thinks he’s the best gamer in the world, constantly talking smack about the other players and making all kinds of ridiculous remarks. Besides threating to DDOS your computer, these brave crusaders that come from the cringy part of the internet are also known for boasting about how they are having sexual relations with the mothers of their fallen online victims. All in all, meeting such an annoying little rascal can definitely ruin your day.

Being Told to Pause an Online Game

If you want to drive a hardcore gamer crazy then you simply have to ask him or her to pause an online game while a heated raid or an intense match is underway. The fact that people don’t seem to get how competitive and cooperative video games work is one of the things that can easily trigger a gamer, leading to endless rants regarding this sensitive subject. So, if you don’t want to awaken the beast within, don’t ever tell a gamer to pause their online game. Ok mom?!

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Together with having a slow computer, lag is the most frustrating thing one can experience while playing a video game. Seeing how your character is constantly stuttering and the input you give it is taking ages to take effect can make you so enraged you’ll feel like throwing your controller out the window or downright smashing your keyboard against the wall. These kinds of things do happen in real life and the videos posted online stand as proof of that.

Lying Developers

Image: Twitter/Sean Murray

You know how a game looks really amazing while being showcased at E3 but when it’s finally released it turns out to be a total mess? Well these kinds of situations make gamers really hate the development companies, their dishonesty about the final product leading to online boycotts or even legal complaints as was the case with No Man’s Sky. As trust is very important in any business, lying to a devoted gaming community might mean the development companies’ demise.


A cheater is the most dangerous opponent because he isn’t playing by the rules and this is why any genuine gamer is sick and tired of all the gimmicks done by these types of people. Those who use aiming bots or other kind of hacking methods are usually contested by the gaming community, being seen as shameless cheaters who have no real skill. This is why a real gamer will always have something against the hackers who get unmerited achievements.

A Second Boss Battle

When an unexpected second boss battle catches you by surprise, with an almost empty life bar and very little ammo, you have all the reason to feel angry and betrayed. Alongside other moments presented in our list, this one also pushes the gamers’ buttons, making them very angry and dreading the moment they lose and have to start the game or level all over again. And having saved your game many hours before the fight also doesn’t really help you.

A sniper’s job is to stay hidden in a vantage point and kill his targets from afar, but when some players make it their life’s purpose to camp in just one spot and get kill after kill from the same position it becomes downright annoying. The other players are usually hunted and don’t have a chance at a fair fight with the camper that is constantly making hit after hit while having his cursor in the same position and never actually playing the game as it was originally intended.

PC vs Console Feud

Any gamer who is mature enough not to get into pointless quarrels knows that the eternal PC versus console rivalry is so overrated that it doesn’t even deserve to be brought into any conversation. If you’re a real video game player then you probably know the device doesn’t matter as long as you can enjoy a nice relaxing session together with your friends. Therefore, this senseless ‘battle’ should have been done by now, because it’s really getting on people’s nerves.

Pay to Win Games
Nobody likes a game where you need to buy items in order to have an extra chance of winning. It’s not fair towards the gamers who just want to play for fun and spending ridiculous amounts of money is not on their to do list. Pay to win games are extremely hated in the gaming community because they offer an unfair advantage to those who can afford it and leave the other players struggling to catch up with the privileged ones.

Lazy Gamers

And last but by no means least, all real gamers hate their lazy teammate who tags along in raids or PVP matches and does nothing helpful and, when the fight’s over, they want to get their hands on the rare items that drop. These opportunists are so toxic and slothful that they make their team work twice as hard, constantly dragging them back with their aloofness. Lazy gamers are probably the most hated type of players, making their colleagues go mental every time they sit around, doing nothing.