Runescape Gets A Complete Makeover With New Game Engine, Kicks Out Java

Image: Runescape

It’s been over two years in the making, but the Runescape visual and technical enhancement has finally been released. It comes in the form of an entirely new game client, named NXT.

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In terms of graphical implications, the game will now have far more impressive rendering capabilities, with shiny new dynamic lighting effects, further render distances, and so on. You can see┬áRunescape in all it’s post-facelift glory down below.

Image: Runescape

Furthermore, the game must now be downloaded in order to play – and with the upgrade bringing about support for Windows 10 and DirectX 12, you can be sure the game will be taking full advantage of recent technology to make the experience even better.

Image: Runescape

Jagex Game Studio has informed that there is more to come; graphical and performance enhancements aplenty. Find out more on the official website.