Rumor: Sony Closing Zipper Interactive





According to Kotaku, Sony is in the process of laying off staff at SOCOM developer Zipper Interactive. The lay off could mean a total shutdown of the studio. Although Sony has said nothing of this, Kotaku’s reporting layoffs and project cancellations have recently hit the studio, with the amount of layoffs indicating a closure. Zipper Interactive was formed in 1996 by Jim Bosler and Brian Soderberg. Zipper Interactive was brought into the Sony Worldwide Studios group in January 2006 after the developer was bought out. The studio’s latest game was Unit 13 for the PlayStation Vita. Since Sony has said nothing about this rumor, it could mean that business will go on as usual.


Comment down below, and tell us if you think a big lay off is going to happen or not. Also tell us if you think the closing of Zipper Interactive would be a good or bad thing.