Rumor: Ex-BioWare Employee Leaks Mass Effect 3 DLC, Terminator, Mass Shift Info And More



A person who claims to be an ex-employee of BioWare leaked quite a bit of information on 4Chan. The person says they worked for BioWare for over 8 years, and that they want to give everyone an insight on what BioWare has become.  They also posted some things about upcoming releases such as Terminator. If you would like to know what the person actually said on 4Chan, you can click here. I have also summed it up below as well.


About BioWare And EA Games


“For about 5 years now, the company has been dominated by EA Game’s strict timetables and budget restraints,” the person wrote. “To the fans: please do not be discouraged by what little PR EA allows to get out. BioWare is still full of people who love video games, who want to put passion into their games–but they are being stifled. Do not be angry with BioWare. Be angry with those who are stifling them (EA Games). Your anger is not enough. Speak with your money. It is the only language EA understands.”

What he means is that everyone should cut back on buying games and such from EA. If enough people stop buying EA’s products, they will be forced to listen to what the fans want.


Terminator Information


“Terminator is a post-ending DLC. It has been in production for months,” wrote the supposed ex-BioWare employee. “Javik was originally from Terminator, but they bumped him up because they felt Mass Effect 3’s cast was too small. Terminator is about the party crash landing on a Prothean planet on the edge of Sol, and then they have to figure a way to make contact with the rest of the system and get off the planet.”

“When they do get space born, they return to Earth, which is gripped in a war. Certain species are demanding they be allowed to take the most advance space ships out of the system because Sol can not support them,” the ex-employee continued. “There is also mass panic because the relay transport system has been destroyed, and Sol’s remaining resources are going to run out in less than a year.”

“Shepard has been found on Earth, but he is badly injured and in a coma. He was burned badly during atmospheric re-entry, and certain synthetic components of his brain were shut down. Chakwas is certain that if he ever awakens, it will be in a vegetative state. At this point, it is suggested that Shepard’s broken synthetic parts could be replaced with new ones.”

“The party then splits up, and you (the player) go to three different planets or areas to find synthetic components that may be able to help him. It is revealed that one of the valid components can be extracted from EDI. Joker allows them to do so. Though still badly wounded after the synthetic pieces are installed, Shepard finally awakens. He makes a speech at the Spacescraper (a piece of the Citadel that crash landed on Earth along with Shepard, now used as a center of operations) that ends the Sol War.”

“After that, you get a unique cut scene based on who you did  or did not romance in Mass Effect 3. This is not addressed in the Terminator DLC, but from the moment Shepard comes out of the coma, he is the Catalyst. Shepard permanently died during atmospheric re-entry. The characters and the player are not aware that it is not the real Shepard, and this will not be revealed until Mass Shift, the spiritual successor to the Mass Effect series.”


Mass Shift Information


“Mass Shift is not Mass Effect 4. Mass Shift will involve the same universe, characters, and story, but it will be more action-oriented,” wrote the ex-employee. “Space flight, for example, will be as intricate as Mass Effect 3’s combat. In Mass Shift, you will actively fly Murmur, a Reaper that is controlled by the Catalyst.”

BioWare has not come up with how this will work yet, but they were comparing flight to Gradius 3 and Kingdom Hearts 2.

“Xy was actually going to be a DLC character for Mass Effect 2, but he was axed in favor of Kasumi, who was modeled after the sister of a staff member who kept baking the entire staff cookies. They are introducing him in Mass Shift instead. BioWare has been meaning to introduce a main character suicide plot for some time now. Though the details for Mass Shift revolves around the Catalyst who seeks to prevent the galaxy from advancing synthetics.”

“This pits the Catalyst against the entire galaxy, which is forgetting about the threat synthetics pose. Throughout the game, the Catalyst will endure inner turmoil caused by his ‘other side’ (EDI), who carries the belief that synthetics and organics can peacefully co-exist. Mass shift will have more tactical combat, but with less cover (other minor things have changed such as Mass Shift’s primary antagonist does not wear a typical Volus suit, which means you will see most of his body) . Mass Shift takes place about one millennium after Mass Effect 3”



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