Red Dead’s Economy Is So Bad This Player Wanted To Hire ‘Third World Labour’

Red Dead Online‘s economy is a little messed up right now, with players having to put in hours upon hours of effort just to earn themselves enough for a can of beans.

One Reddit user seems to have found a solution though, albeit a pretty controversial one…

Credit: Rockstar Games

Commenting on a Reddit threat, a user by the name of Grande_Yarbles did the maths on how effective it would be to hire someone to work through the RDO grind and bring in some in-game currency.

Grande_Yarbles writes: “OP came up with RDR$300 an hour. Using that as a maximum income rate let’s make some assumptions:

  • “We’ll find a trustworthy student who already has a PS4 and a copy of RDR2 in India or the Philippines and is willing work from home

  • “The amount the student will accept as payment will be equivalent to the lowest minimum wage in each country

  • “Add another 10% over labor cost for electricity and some other misc costs

“With these assumptions we’d have to pay the student in the Philippines US$0.77/hr or the one in India US$0.60/hr. Meaning for each RDR$1000 it would cost around US$2-2.50.

Credit: Rockstar Games

“If you have to add in the cost of a PS4 and RDR2 it gets about US$1-1.50 more expensive per RDR$1000 if we assume the system is used every day for other paying customers over a 6-month period.

“By comparison, US minimum wage is $7.25 an hour so if we paid a US student to sit in OP’s house and play it would cost a whopping $24 per RDR$1000. OP would be much better off taking a job at McDonalds and outsourcing his grinding.”

Another user added: “Indian here, $0.6 an hour actually makes sense except for the part where you need to own a ps4. Most people who own a ps4 wouldn’t need to work minimum wage, because minimum wage is really low in India.”

Credit: Rockstar Games

A professional in the field of outsourcing also suggested that “India, Bolivia, and the Philippines would be the best choice.”


Before you look into outsourcing your RDO account, you might want to wait a little longer, as Rockstar has announced plans to hopefully fix its economy by the end of the week.