A Red Dead Online Gang Is Riding Around Topless In The Mountains For Hours On End

Over on The Red Dead Redemption 2 Facebook Group  a user by the name of Irfan Galih Ramadhan has shared a couple of screenshots from the Rockstar Games’ online multiplayer, and it shows off some pretty unusual behaviour from an in-game gang.

The images show a gang of players who’ve taken it upon themselves to ride semi-clothed around the mountains, seemingly for hours on end.

Credit: Rockstar Games

Ramadhan shared the shots along with the caption: “straightest gang in the west.”


Check out the images and let us know if you’ve come across these Magic Mike-inspired riders!

Credit: Rockstar Games

Despite its flaws, Red Dead Online is a pretty fun playground to let loose in – if you can see the funny side of things.

As is always going to happen in a beta, funny glitches, weird spawning issues and generally crazy bugs are keeping people entertained.

Have you encountered anything weird in Red Dead Online?

Credit: Rockstar Games

Despite its issues, fans are hoping to see the game patched by Rockstar Games sooner rather than later.

Right now it’s taking a lot of grind to earn yourself enough in-game money to buy something as simple as a can of beans – and fans aren’t happy.

In its current state, the game has been dubbed “broken,” with players already putting down their controllers in favour of the single-player adventures of RDR2.

Earlier this week, Rockstar announced it’s hoping to bring out the first patch for Red Dead Online in the coming days.

What’s your opinion of RDO?