Red Dead Redemption 2 Fans Have A Cool Theory About Sadie

Red Dead Redemption 2 was an instant classic from the moment it was revealed, and now that 90% of the world has played through (and sobbed through) the adventures of Arthur Morgan and co, it’s now time to analyse things that could have been…

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Over on Reddit, an RDR2 fan by the name of SubstantialDrawing posted on the r/reddeadmysteries subreddit theorising that the character of Sadie might have originally been planned as a love interest for Arthur.

Sharing an in-game screenshot, the user writes: “Sadie cut second love interest? There’s dialogue if Arthur looks at Sadie she’ll comment saying he’s ‘giving her the eye’ and ‘that look’ and he responds by saying sorry he was distracted.”

Fan-favourite Sadie has a pretty hardcore fanbase out there, but how would she have fared as Mrs. Arthur Morgan?

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On the Reddit thread people have been quick to express their disinterest in Sadie playing a more romantic part in the game, stating that it just wouldn’t fit with her character’s story.

One Redditor commented: “If they planned for love interests, I’m glad they did cut it out. Abigail and John is enough, and it would take the focus away from Arthur’s journey.

“Not everything needs a love story cramped in.”

Another added: “[Sadie’s] definitely still in grief and also mentions that she wants to die.

“A relationship between them would be really weird.”

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Twitter has different ideas though…

Would you have liked to see Sadie and Arthur get together, or is RDR2 just perfect as is?

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