Ready Or Not Devs Won’t Apologise For School Shooting Level

Ready or Not, a tactical shooter from VOID Interactive, created controversy recently with a proposal for a ‘school shooting level’. Now, the developers say they won’t apologise for the idea.

Ready or Not gained popularity on Steam due to its realistic, gritty portrayal of police/SWAT situations. It deals with situations involving active shooters and hostages, but developers suggested it could go even further.

On Reddit last year, one of the developers responded to a fan and suggested school shootings could be added to the game. The fan asked if the game would deal with the realities of school shooting, and the developer replied with, “You better believe it’s gonna.”


Ready or Not Developer Response

In an interview with Dexerto, VOID’s community manager Guinevere Parsley responded to the controversy. In addition, VOID Interactive tweeted a response to explain how they stand on the issue.

Parsley said, “We don’t apologise for this, as we want the game to be an honest interpretation. But we are aware that this is something that requires a deal of responsibility. We know that we need to be careful in how we portray things like an active shooter.

“That includes consulting with those who have been impacted by these traumatic events.”


So the developers remain committed to including this level in the game, but they seem to be aware of the delicate nature of such a sensitive topic. If this level is definitely being made, hopefully the final result will be an accurate and meaningful inclusion.

What do you think about Ready or Not including a school shooting level? Let us know on social media.

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[Featured Image Credit: VOID Interactive]