Quantic Dream profited from PS4 development techniques

Whatever we have seen of Quantic Dream’s upcoming Beyond: Two Souls till now have been amazing. Such visual fidelity and graphics have never been seen before on the PS3. The reason cited for such level of graphics that the game achieved is that Quantic Dream had the good fortune of working with PS4 developmental hardware a few years back.

In the words of Quantic Dream co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumiere, “It’s the reason it looks the way it looks. High-definition rendering was something we thought was not possible to that [level] on the PlayStation 3. We found ways to easily do that on the PlayStation 4. We thought, ‘Wow, my God, if we could do it on the PS3.'”

He added, “Some of the graphical features and elements of Beyond are clearly inspired by our new engine on the PlayStation 4.”

It is really amazing what the PS3 has been able to achieve, particularly at the end of its life cycle, as Beyond:Two Souls is set to be probably the last major first party exclusive on the PS3.

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