Driveclub Dev Discusses PS4’s GPU Power

Discussions and debates are already on as to how smoothly and efficiently the PS4’s GPU will perform compute tasks, which, according to PS4 Lead Architect Mark Cerny, will be available a few years after the PS4’s debut.

Evolution Studios is currently working on DriveClub as a launch title for the console and if the words of Technical Director Scott Kirkland are to be believed, there is no such reason for worry about the performance of the PS4’s GPU.

To quote his words, “You already have a lot of CPU power at your disposal. I think with many of the first generation PS4 titles, developers probably won’t need to worry about it – they’ll be able to get a lot out of parallelism across the CPU cores – but for teams who are a bit more ambitious, who want to do interesting things, it’s just waiting there. We’re doing some of that in DriveClub and I’m sure other guys will go further – and the platform guys will expose more of that functionality through the lifespan of the machine, unlocking more potential.”

The faith shown on the PS4 by the developers working on it definitely quells most of our doubts. The future, indeed, looks very promising.

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