Leaked PS4 User Interface Video

The part where the user interface was shown was actually an accident, the tester was trying out the Blacklight: Retribution demo on a test kit. It looked as if the game crashed, so we were able to see the tester go through the PS4 interface.

During the crash, the he says, “The kit was actually one of the first test kits to come out, so we will definitely crash. It’s still optimizing. It’s nowhere near alpha, let alone beta..”

Check out the user interface in the footage:

YouTube video

The description of the video said this:                                                                                              

  • The PS4 can recover from a game crash without locking up.
  • Games are considered applications and can apparently run alongside other applications (multi-tasking).
  • If you’re connected to the internet, application information is automatically updated in the dynamic menu.
  • Note sure about this: The built-in DVR can automatically start up when you start a game? Or maybe when you turn it on it stays on? Maybe it was being used for this livestream? (in which case this is pretty damn good quality).


Remember this was just a early dev kit so you shouldn’t worry about your PS4 crashing like that. The PS4 interface does look sleek and easy to use, but keep in mind that it may not be the final product of the next-gen console.


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