Leaked PS4 User Interface Video

The part where the user interface was shown was actually an accident, the tester was trying out the Blacklight: Retribution demo on a test kit. It looked as if the game crashed, so we were able to see the tester go through the PS4 interface. During the crash, the he says, “The kit was actually … Read more

Rumor: Sony handing out pricey dev kits like candy

A PS4 development kit costs around $2500, five times that of the price of the Xbox One, which doubles up as its own development kit. However, rumor has it that Sony isn’t selling these dev kits but handing them out one one year loans for free. One anonymous commenter said,“All the indies I know got … Read more

How a PS4 dev kit looks like

All of us gamers have already had the fortunate pleasure of viewing the PS4. But what all of us saw was the retail version of the console. The developer boxes that were used at E3 were hidden from public view. We have come across images of the developer kit and would very much like you … Read more