PUBG Is Giving Out Free Stuff Following Server Issues

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been working hard at fixing some of its biggest flaws and problems for a while now, but players were pretty p*ssed at some of its recent server issues.

Connectivity problems meant that lots of people weren’t able to play yesterday, causing an onslaught of hate for PUBG on its social platforms.

The game’s three-hour scheduled maintenance didn’t go to plan when the newly-reinstated live servers then went on to uninstall a few times, causing issues with connectivity and matchmatching. Some players also saw a “Network Lag Detected” error.

As a (pretty nice) apology gift for the inconvenience, PUBG Corp will be giving out freebies for PC players of the game.

You can claim yourself a Black Beanie With Headphones item, along with 20,000 Battle Points from right now until 5pm PDT on 23rd October, which means you’ve got nearly a week to claim yours.

Speaking on the issues, the official PUBG Help page tweeted: “We sincerely apologize for the negative experience caused by our recent server connectivity and matchmaking related issues.

“As compensation, we will be gifting all PC players the Black Beanie with Headphones item along with 20,000 BP. Log in to PUBG by 5pm PDT on Oct 23 to claim.”

Players aren’t thrilled with the offer of freebies though, with lots of users claiming PUBG is “taking the easy way out,” and branded the free items as “worthless.”

Did you experience connectivity issues yesterday, and what do you think about PUBG’s offerings?