The Nintendo Switch Is Getting A Serious Competitor

As much as you might love your Nintendo Switch, it’s just another thing to carry with you if you want portable gaming in your back pocket, which could mean the Switch might end up going the way of the iPod Classic…

For those that just can’t get enough of gaming on the go, but who might not want to take the Switch with them daily, Huawei might have the answer.

The mobile phone giant’s latest announcement might have Nintendo worrying, as it’s claiming the phone is a competitior to the Switch.

The new Mate 20 X boasts a 7.2-inch screen built-into a smart phone the company’s CEO Richard Yu, has branded as “the best portable mobile gaming machine.”

Unveiling the phone earlier this week, Yu went on to compare the Mate 20 X with other current phones on the market, including the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Yu then compared the Mate 20 X to the Nintendo Switch, offering up side-by-side comparisons of the two gaming ‘consoles’ – complete with a gamepad add-on for the phone.

According to reports, the Mate 20 X’s 7.2-inch screen is larger than that of the Switch, offers a higher resolution, a 1080p OLED screen and a bigger battery.

It’s been designed to work at lower temperatures, using graphene film and a vapour chamber to keep the device cooler.

It’s also (obviously, since it’s a phone) considerably lighter and slimmer than the Nintendo Switch. The Huawei website states the phone clocks in at around 232 g – including the battery.

It also features a 40 MP camera and will be available in silver and blue.

“We bring you an extra display, extra power and also extra performance,” Yu said.

We’ve yet to see a video comparison of the Switch vs. the Mate 20 X when actually playing games, but Yu and Huawei might be out of luck with this one for the simple fact of the Switch games.

Unless Huawei’s about to give us titles likeĀ The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, we think Nintendo might have won this round.