PSN Purchases May Transfer To PlayStation Now

The PlayStation Now streaming service has been getting a bit of heat for the pricing point. Gamers are not satisfied with the amount of money one would have to pay just to rent a video game from Sony. However, one beta tester on NeoGaf recently found that his PSN purchases are showing up on PlayStation Now. Does this mean will have our PSN purchases available to stream on any give console?

The NeoGaf user, Bastion, has noted that on the PlayStation 3 console, all of his PSN video game purchases are showing up on the PlayStation Now application. However, these video games are only showing up on the PlayStation 3 beta of PlayStation Now leaving out the PlayStation 4.

Sony has yet to comment on the matter so it’s anyone’s guess if PSN purchases will be limited to only the PlayStation 3 console or if it will be available on all the PlayStation Now ready devices. We will keep you up to date right here on PSG!