PS4 Themes Customization coming in Update 2.0

After several updates hit the PS4, we are finally getting theme customization. You heard it! PS4 owners will have the customization options themes available to them in order make to your XMB more personal. 

Sony also stated that the PS4  Update 2.0 will bring so many features as themes customization will be just one of them. This was announced on the latest episode of the PlayStation Blogcast. Other features included in the PlayStation 4 Update 2.0 has been stated to be Share Play, an option for gamers to coop play or borrow friends video games wherever they are located digitally.

Sony didn’t reveal that much but I’m really excited for the theme customization. Themes is just one of the features many PS4 gamers are looking to get their hands on, after-all, it does get old having the same background every time you power up your PS4.