Dreamfall Chapters Announced For PS4

Dreamfall Chapters will be heading to the PlayStation 4 according to Read Thread Games. The announcement was posted on the PlayStation Blog along details of what gamers can expect from the Dreamfall Chapters.

Red Thread Games first brought out Dreamfall Chapters for the PC. After a massive success with their Kickstarter campaign that resulted in surpassing their initial goal of $850K to the sum of $1.5 million, the game is getting a release on the PS4.

The indie development studio described Dreamfall Chapters as a 3D adventure game with a mature story. This video game is also taking place after a saga release that started over 15 years ago with The Longest Journey, a point-and-click adventure.

Dreamfall chapters 2

Dreamfall Chapters follows to characters; Zoe Castillo, a 20-year old woman that lives within a futuristic cyberpunk world in the future and Kian Alvane, an Azadi apostle and assassin that resides in a fantasy type magical world.

The developers also make note that the game is all about choice and consequences for not only you but others within the game. Players will have these two characters to work together in order to solve the mysterious disease that threatens to tear reality to pieces.

Dreamfall Chapters is slated to release on PS4 sometime this November.