The PS4 has sold more than 85 Million Units

Sony has revealed that the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 4 pro have sold a combined total of 86.1 million units. This was at the end of the last fiscal quarter. This means it was before the massive seller that was Red Dead Redemption 2 had been released.

This is believed, in part, to be helped by all of the limited edition PS4’s that Sony have released. The Spider-Man exclusive case was definitely one of the biggest sellers of these exclusives. Sony have also claimed that they are aiming to sell 17.5 million units this year and with the help of Red Dead Redemption 2 is very possible number to hit. At the start of the year they also wanted to sell 17 million units but increased it due to the popularity of God of War and Spider-Man earlier in the year.

If you compare this to the sales of the Xbox it does not look good. Xbox haven’t released their sales figures since 2014 where they claim to have sold 10 million units. That was obviously 4 years ago now so will have sold plenty more since then but I don’t think they will have sold anywhere near 86 million. This is also probably the reason as to why Xbox haven’t released their sales figures.

PlayStation aren’t just stopping there with the good news, they have also released all the games that will be a part of the PlayStation Classic console. Check them out below:

· Battle Arena Toshinden™
· Cool Boarders 2
· Destruction Derby
· Final Fantasy VII
· Grand Theft Auto
· Intelligent Qube
· Jumping Flash
· Metal Gear Solid
· Mr Driller
· Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee®
· Rayman
· Resident Evil™ Director’s Cut
· Revelations: Persona
· Ridge Racer Type 4
· Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo®
· Syphon Filter
· Tekken 3
· Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6
· Twisted Metal
· Wild Arms

Along with these games the console also comes with HDMI support so you can plug it into any modern TV and also 2 controllers so you are not stuck on your own playing through them all.

Players are also wondering whether there will be any other games added to the 20 that are on the list already. IGN spoke to Sony about the potential for updates to the console after release and Sony confirmed that there won’t be any updates after release. This means that it is incredibly unlikely to see any other games added to the 20 that will be released with the console.