Fallout 76 Bug Deletes Entire 50GB Game from your library

If you have been playing the Fallout 76 Beta on your PC then make sure you don’t install the latest update (1 November update). There is currently a big which means if you install the update you actually just deletes the beta entirely. This obviously means that you can’t play at the moment but don’t worry Bethesda has lengthened the time of the beta so you will get more play time once they have fixed the issue.

Bethesda say that they are currently looking into the issue and should have it resolved very soon. At the start of the Fallout 76 beta Bethesda said that there would be bugs and they needed the community to test the game for them. I don’t think many people would have thought that there would be a bug of this scale.

This redownload time made players take to twitter to complain and even started a # to try and get the Fallout 76 beta extended so they had more of a chance to play it. Bethesda quickly put gamers worries to rest with this tweet explaining that the beta would be extended.

Good guy Bethesda letting gamers get some more time in before they move onto the next stage of development.

Here are the dates of the extension if you haven’t managed to look them up as of yet.

Have you been playing the Fallout 76 beta and what do you think of the game?