PS4 is “really surprising”, “it’s another world”

During an  interview with creative director of Heavy Rain studio Quantic Dream, he suggested that the different between the PS3 an the PS4 will be delicate.

Beyond: Two Souls is an upcoming project exclusively for the PS3. The visualize for this title is full capabilities with the PS3 and not a next-gen(PS4) upgrade. The project is been noticing that it’s in development for both PS3 and the PS4, and it has been said  the games seems to be render for the next-gen(PS4) version.

“I know that some people are surprised by what we can do on PS3 with Beyond, and we have heard many people even question whether this is a current-gen game. But trust me, if I showed you what we’re doing with the PS4 you would be amazed. It’s really surprising. It’s another world,” Cage said.

He informed that the key features  of the PS4 cycle will be “more subtlety, more nuance, more detail”

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