Possible New Call Of Duty: Warzone Hack Is Ending Matches Early

A possible new hack in Call of Duty: Warzone appears to be letting cheaters end matches instantly.

Twitch streamer BisaG10 recently posted a clip in which his game of Warzone ends while 19 players remain alive. Watch it on Twitch.

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Credit: Activision

Matches of Warzone usually end when only one squad of players is left alive, triggering a ‘Warzone Victory’ title card and a cinematic of the victorious squad evacuating Verdansk in a helicopter.


Interestingly, when this match ends, a ‘Final Kill’ replay shows the last seconds of his teammates perspective. The ‘Final Kill’ end screen is usually reserved for multiplayer matches and never appears in the Warzone game mode normally.

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Credit: Activision

It’s possible that this alternate premature ending could be the result of a bug. 

However, the player that BisaG10 downed right before the match ended had a username containing a racial slur. Activision usually doesn’t allow offensive language to be used in usernames which indicates that this player knows their way around Activision’s rulebooks. 


It is possible that the player BisaG10 knocked down was the one to initiate the hack out of frustration.

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Credit: Activision

So far, only one other case of this happening has surfaced. A reply to BisaG10’s original clip on Twitter shows a similar thing happening where the match ends while over 60 players are still left alive. In both cases, the end of the round screen tells the players that they placed 1st.

Check it out in the tweet below!


Cheaters and hackers have been a prominent issue for Warzone since it launched almost a year ago. A wave of bans last month wiped out over 60,000 cheaters from Warzone in one go, though it appears that several are still slipping through the cracks.

Activision is yet to comment on whether this bizarre ending is the result of a bug or a new hack.

Have you encountered any matches in Warzone ending early with this hack? Let us know across our social media channels.


[Featured Image Credit: Activision]