Police Fear ‘Dragon Of Bethesda’ Poses A Serious Threat To Motorists

Imagine you’re driving along a fairly busy road. You happen to glance over to the side and BAM! There’s a dragon staring at you. Would you panic? Maybe. Would you be distracted from the road? Almost definitely.

At least, that’s what police offers in the Welsh town of Bethesda are warning, thanks to a giant dragon sculpture from multi-award-winning artist, Simon O’Rourke.

Credit: Simon O’Rourke

Unfortunately, O’Rourke’s Bethesda dragon isn’t straight out of Skyrim, but is instead in honour of the Welsh town that’s believed to have inspired the game studio’s name.

Sitting in close proximity to the busy A5 road, you can see the 6ft tall and 12ft wide dragon, named Y Ddraig Derw, which translates to “The Oak Dragon”, from your car and police are concerned about the risk it poses to drivers.

Credit: Simon O’Rourke

In a statement [via Ladbible], HGC Bangor & Bethesda said officers have concerns at “the impact upon road safety as a result of the action of a number of motorists who slow down or in some cases ‘stop’ to view the Dragon.

“There has already been one accident and numerous near misses on this section of road which really does require a driver’s full concentration.

“Please concentrate on the road ahead at all times. iIf you want to view it , then please find somewhere safe to park (not on the A5) and walk down on the pavement. Please drive carefully.”

The sentiment was echoed by the dragon’s creator, O’Rourke, who said: “DO NOT PARK ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD. IT IS A FAST AND DANGEROUS ROAD. Please be aware there is only a tiny lay-by there and it’s a dangerous road, so it will be better to park further in towards Bethesda and walk back down.”

Credit: Simon O’Rourke

O’Rourke was commissioned to sculpt the stunning creature for the town of Bethesda, located in Gwynedd. It’s expertly crafted from a fallen oak tree that’s believed to have stood in the area for 200 years.

If you see The Oak Dragon, let us know! (But don’t stop on a busy road.)

Featured Image Credit: Simon O’Rourke.