Warner Bros. Is Releasing An Animated Batman Beyond Movie

It’s good news for DC fans, as it looks like Batman’s set to get the animation treatment in an upcoming Batman Beyond movie. Hooray!

Rumour starting spreading when concept art for an unrecognisable Batman animation appeared online, with Geeks WorldWide then getting confirmation of the upcoming project.

Credit: Warner Bros.

The movie will be coming straight from the Warner Animation Group and yes – it’ll be getting a theatrical release.

If you never watched Batman Beyond, it was the successor to Batman: The Animated Series, and takes place in the future. Despite a much-older Bruce Wayne having given up on his role as Batman, circumstance sees him slipping back behind the infamous mask as he tries to find justice for Terry McGinnis.

The three-season series was a huge success, and there’s almost no doubt that a movie in the same vein would be on every DC fans’ must-watch list.

It’s thought the movie will begin production next year. Although it’s near-impossible to predict a release window, we can probably expect it no earlier than 2022.

It’s likely DC are taking note of the recent success of Marvel’s movie Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. The insanely popular animated film saw also saw a theatrical release and it absolutely blew fans away with its unique style and storyline.


Here’s hoping that the Batman Beyond movie is just as good!

Credit: Warner Bros



Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.