This Pokemon Trainer is Getting CLUSTER Spawns 5-10 times a Day with rare Pokemon without using Incense

Imagine having a lot of Pokemon Spawns at your home and you not needing to move from the couch to catch them. Wouldn’t be like a dream come true?


The same has happened with Reddit user ScuBa_Steve132. He has reported that good Pokemon are spawning up at his apartment in Columbia, Missouri. Along with good Pokemon, common Pokemon like Rattata and Pidgey are also spawning at his place.

He even posted an image which shows the spawns at his place.



In the image above 10 Pokemon Spawns can be seen at his place and he claims that the same thing happens for around 5-10 times a day. He also mentioned that there were also many rare Pokemon spawns at his apartment.

Although this sounds a bit crazy without the use of incense, it is actually possible. The most relevant possibility could be that there could be a lot of Pokemon Go players in the same apartment which is generating a lot of cell traffic and has turned that same apartment into a Pokemon Hotspot.


This could mean that he could get even get spawns more that 5-10 times a day if he checks more frequently. Source: Otakukart


A very lucky guy indeed.