Pokemon Go finally made this major change fans have been demanding for months

Gen 2 for Pokemon Go is now here, and it’s got a lot of people dusting off their Pokedex.¬†

And it looks like Niantec is listening, because they made a change that will improve gameplay for a lot of people.

If you gave up on catching evolved Pokemon because they have lower catch rates, and give you the same amount of candy as their un-evolved counterparts, Pokemon Go just introduced a game-changer.

Thanks to a new update to Pokemon Go, catching an evolved Pokemon will now give you extra candy, up to ten for one catch.

image: pokemongoinformer.com

If you catch a Stage 2 Pokemon, you’ll get 10 candies now, but that’s not the only change.

You’ll still get the standard 3 for common Pokemon, but evolved versions are now going to give you 5 whole candies. Yum!

Is the new update going to get you back into Pokemon Go, or are you one of the troopers who has been playing this whole time?

The popularity dropped off drastically as last summer passed in the sense that the streets and parks weren’t constantly filled with people looking down at their phones, but there’s still a very dedicated fanbase who are going to be really excited about all of these updates, along with the former players who will end up checking it out again.