Desperate Gamer Pleads On Walmart Intercom Begging For Xbox One Controller

Have you ever needed help with something at a Walmart? If so, you’re probabally still waiting there to this very day.

This guy wants to get back home to game with his buddy, so he’s not going to wait around all day for someone to come help him, he’s going to take matters into his own hands, big fella.

He needs some help getting something that’s locked behind glass, but he can’t find a staff member to help, so he picks up the phone and makes an announcement over the intercom like a champ:

“Hey, we need somebody back here right now. We’re trying to get a controller, come holla at us.”

The clip cuts out before we can tell whether he actually got help or not, but they take their intercoms pretty seriously so undoubetly somebody found him right away, whether or not they sold him a controller or just asked him to leave is another story.

Somebody get this man a controller!

Had to hop on the intercom I just need a controller. #HaHaDavis #NoSelfDoubt #BigFella

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