PlayStation Plus Survey Shows 70% Drop In User Satisfaction, Here’s The Reason Why

Making a switch from Free-to-play to Pay-to-play

Image: The Blaze
Image: The Blaze

It’s obvious that many might have been displeased when Sony made it mandatory to purchase a PlayStation Plus subscription in order for you to play online. To be fair, Xbox was doing the same for years and Sony doing the same enabled it to offer a far superior service. Personally, I find it to be good move on Sony’s part since it has enabled it to offer a far more premium experience to users. A perfect case of “grapes are sour” for many users.

Sub-par PlayStation Plus Add-ons

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Image: Sony PlayStation

Similar to Xbox Live, Sony also offers various add-ons for PS Plus subscribers. However, most of them are sub-par, especially when it comes to the free games it rolls out on a monthly basis. Most of these titles are little known indie titles and when compared to the offerings of Xbox Live, fails to compete.  This has resulted in anger and frustration on the subscribers’ end and they’re getting more and more annoyed as the trend continues month-to-month.

Apart from these factors, PlayStation Plus service has been quite decent and I feel this survey doesn’t necessarily reflect the community’s sentiments. However, it definitely brings to focus the point that some people are visibly upset and there’s definitely room for improvement on Sony’s end.


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