PlayStation 4 Is The Supreme Platform

Housemarque‘s, the developer behind Resogun (as one of PS4  launch exclusive title) revealed that the PlayStation 4 is the Supreme Platform when it come for  technological standpoint.

Speaking with Eurogamer , Mikael Haveri, Head of Self-Publishing commented on their next project for the PS4 which isn’t to far to reveal.  He was approached with a question regarding how can Housemarque’s top-down shooter Dead Nation look like on Sony’s new platform? He said;

Talking from the tech standpoint, PlayStation 4 is the supreme platform for us, and a lot of developers. I think of course that the surface has just been scratched, and there’s a lot of opportunity there.

But we’re a tech-centric company, and there are a lot of technological things that we can explore that haven’t been available before. Even stuff on high-end PCs, you have to scrap some of it because you know only 5 per cent of people with PCs can play them. Going to something like the voxel tech in Resogun – you can go very different routes, and now that you know that there are a few million PS4s out there you really know that all these players can enjoy that same level of modern tech so we’re keeping that in mind. We intend to deliver in different ways on the tech that’s out there

The PlayStation 4 claims to be the most powerful console in this generation. As for right now, it will take at least a good year before we can see how powerful the console is and how it will change the way we play.