God of War Kratos Life Size Bust Now Available

In partnership with Gaming Heads, Sony revealed the first Kratos life size bust and it looks amazing! If you haven’t heard of Gaming Heads then it’s time you get acquainted. Gaming Heads is a company through IP factory. The company has been providing outstanding merchandise that’s not only high quality but collectible. With over 10 years of experience, everything that’s available in the Gaming Head shop is perfect.

Currently, Gaming Heads hold several exclusive busts and statues. Ranging from Lara Croft, Fallout’s Vault Boy, Gordon Freeman and more. Their newest bust in production is God of War’s Kratos. Just looking at this bust is jaw dropping, everything has been crafted in such great detail.

The life size Kratos bust is a cast from a polystone resin with paint and detailing done completely by hand. Kratos upper torso and head lays sitting on a column where the final measurement stands at 28″ tall. Now the bust itself isn’t cheap, in fact it’s going to cost you $599.99 but if you plan on picking one of these up then you’ll want to act fast, there’s a limited run of only 500 worldwide. If you’re interested in learning more about the bust or perhaps want to order the bust yourself, you can do so here. You can also look through the gallery below to see the bust in all its glory.

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