PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Gets Team Deathmatch Mode

It’s an exciting step for the Battle Royale genre as PUBG announces its Arcade Mode which will shake up the game as we know it. Could PUBG be copying the success of the Call of Duty franchise with its latest team deathmatch addition?

What is PUBG’s New Arcade Mode?

Arcade Mode for PUBG is a new mode for solo or co-op play. This Mode will give players a new way to experience the game outside of the traditional battle royale format and help keep the game feeling fresh. Just as you’d expect from a classic team deathmatch, loadouts (like gear and weapons) will be restricted so that players are on a level playing field.

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Two teams of eight players battle it out in 10-minute timed rounds to reach a 50 kill count first. If 50 kills haven’t been hit by completion of the match’s time limit, the team with the highest kill count will take the win. You win overall in PUBG’s new TDM mode by getting two match wins.


You’ll be pleased to learn that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ Team Deathmatch will be an intense fight across 7 different battlefields pulled from your favourite maps of: Sanhok, Vikendi, Erangel, Miramar.

Credit: PUBG Corp

ERANGEL – Stalber, Sosnovka Military Base
SANHOK – Paradise Resort, Docks
VIKENDI – Podvosto, Peshkova
MIRAMAR – Campo Militar

What are the Rules of PUBG’s Team Deathmatch Mode?

Credit: PUBG Corporation
  • 8 vs 8 players
  •  First-person perspective only (FPP)
  • Spawn Kits enabled
    • Open the map to select your weapon Spawn Kit
  • Respawns enabled
    • Respawn 5 seconds after each death
    • Players respawn close to friendly players if the location is safe
    • Players will be briefly invulnerable after respawning
  • Down But No Out (DBNO) disabled
    • No knockdowns
  • Friendly Fire disabled
  • Kills and assists fill your boost gauge
    • After not taking damage for 5 seconds, your health will begin to regenerate, whilst also depleting your boost gauge
  • Players cannot reconnect to TDM matches.
    • Unfortunately, this includes accidentally leaving the match or crashing

Team Deathmatch mode will only be available to Arcade play for a limited time, so you best get your TDM fix quick!


Does Arcade Mode in PUBG Affect Rank?

Playing a classic match in PUBG’s new Arcade mode does NOT affect your rank.

Cross Console Play Comes to PUBG

Finally, the battle of the consoles can be settled because cross party play has been announced for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Xbox One and PS4!

Update 6.2 for PUBG came to PC live servers on February 19th 2020, and console live servers shortly after.


Featured image credit: PUBG Corporation