PewDiePie has done ‘The Meme Awards’ and Found this Years Best Meme

No, this is not a joke. PewDiePie tweeted out a link to a survey where people could vote for the best memes of the year. He has already made a video on the outcome but if you want to look at the full list of memes check out the tweet from the man himself:

If you vote you can then also wear this I voted badge with pride:

There are loads of different categories to look through:

  • Best food meme
  • Saddest meme
  • Science breakthrough memes
  • Best Obama?
  • Sexiest meme
  • Im not gay or anything, but I would fuck…
  • Best meme song
  • Worst meme of 2018
  • Best meme show 2018
  • Best meme of 2018
  • Meme most likely to end human race
  • Will smith

As you might expect the Best meme show 2018 category has ‘meme review’ 5 times then ‘Option 6’. As you might have guessed

PewDiePie has uploaded a video going through all of the winners and boy are there some surprises along the way. Check it out here:

YouTube video

Fortnite also won worst meme of the year which I am sure many of you will be happy about.

PewDiePie has been a top dog on YouTube for a very long time but he hasn’t actually been the most subscribed for that long. He started his channel way back in 2010 and became the most subscribed YouTuber for the first time on 15 August 2013. He took the top spot away from a channel called Smosh which is also still one of the biggest channels today.

‘Then it clearly isn’t the anniversary of Pewds being number one you idiots’ I hear you scream in the Facebook comments – just calm down for a minute alright. He then became the second most subscribed not long after this. He was taken over by the YouTube Spotlight channel in November of the same year.

PewDiePie then took back the top spot today (December 23rd) off YouTube Spotlight to reclaim his title as the most subscribed channel on YouTube. He did this way back 5 years ago in 2013 and has retained his spot ever since.

Five whole years at the top of YouTube is one hell of an achievement and one that will definitely stand for an incredibly long time.

However, earlier this year a channel called T-Series started to look like it was about to take the top spot off PewDiePie with the gap in-between the two being less that 20,000 subscribers at one point. After massive support from the community and many other huge YouTubers such as Mr Beast and Markiplier.

It looks like he isn’t going anywhere soon either. The gap is now over 1 million subscribers and PewDiePie recently posted his own ‘good’ version of YouTube rewind which is already one of the top liked videos on YouTube. Could 2019 be the year that Felix gets dethroned? We will have to wait and see.