Pewdewpie reveals why he no longer plays video games

Pewdiepie was reading over some tweets about himself and he noticed a trend of people asking about whether or not he still even plays video games on his channel.

He goes on to list a handful of the games that he played on his channel in 2016, and recommends that anyone who wants to see him playing games can look through his thousands of videos of completed playthroughs.

“I would play a shit-ton of games that I couldn’t care less about because I know it would get me a ton of views on Youtube.” – Pewdiepie


“Like Minecraft… these games are so popular that people play them regardless of whether they enjoy them or not.” – Pewdiepie

Basically, he just didn’t want to play games that he’s not interested in, once he got a large enough following he figured he doesn’t “have to do that anymore.”

“Yes, it is my job to entertain you guys… So maybe I should just STFU and do it? But I also think you guys don’t want a fake version.” – Pewdiepie

“Everyone on Youtube put up a fake version of themselves…” – Pewdiepie

Pewdiepie wants to be a genuine version of himself, and playing games he doesn’t care about for more views isn’t a part of his plan. He goes on to say that views aren’t everything, then chuckles.


He criticizes people who are pretending to be afraid during horror games with jump scares, and how he got criticism for not pretending to be afraid.

“I don’t even play games that much by myself anymore.” – Pewdiepie

YouTube video

“Something has changed, I don’t know if Youtube has killed games for me?” – Pewdiepie

He says he’d really like to play Overwatch and other games, but it’s just not as fun for him anymore. He wants to experience other things from life, like the things his parents used to tell him about like playing instruments, reading books, and going outside and playing with his friends.