Over 30 Animators Teamed Up To Recreate The Intro To Super Smash Bros. Melee

The Smash Bros series has some of the highest replayability, and the most dedicated fans. There are still tournaments running all over the world, every single week, to see who is the ultimate Smash player. In a stunning tribute to SSBM, a team of over 30 animation artists got together to recreate the intro in each of their unique styles. The end result is an awesome video that pays homage to one of the most beloved gaming series’ that Nintendo has ever created.

Mario is discovering himself 2016 style. (via The Reanimation Station's YouTube video.)
Mario is discovering himself 2016 style. (via The Reanimation Station’s YouTube video, featured below.)

This collaboration took about a year to orchestrate, and it deserves all of the attention that it is getting. Nintendo has, hands-down, the most beloved collection of characters in gaming history. Let’s be real, Sony has a good cast too, Microsoft’s been making moves, but you can’t mess with Nintendo’s lineup of stone-cold classics.

via The Reanimation Station on YouTube
via The Reanimation Station on YouTube

Remember when parents used to say that playing video games all day would stunt your creativity? That certainly isn’t the case for the creative minds who worked together to make this video.

YouTube video

You can find the full list of contributor credits, along with links to see more of their work, in the video’s description. You can also see a Battlefield 5 dev throwing heaps of shade at Call of Duty right here.

via The Reanimation Station on YouTube

Huge props to everyone involved with the creation of this compilation, it’s a labor of love for them so we’re happy to have the opportunity to share it with our fans and to support these types of projects.