Nuclear Expert And Fallout Fan Slams Fallout 76 Over Its Nukes

Nuclear war expert and long-time Fallout fan,Tom Nichols, has spoken out against the franchise’s upcoming release, Fallout 76.

Nichols, author of No Use: Nuclear Weapons and U.S. National Security, and a professor at the U.S. Navy War College recently opened up to Motherboard about the negativity the title opens up.

Nichols, a self-confessed long-time Fallout fan, stated: “It’s one more reason I won’t be playing the game.

“ICBMs are not fun…they created the hellish world your player is in.

“Launching them for laughs is a complete violation of the sense of the game.

“I think if you really want to zing Bethesda, give them hell for taking one of the most literate, well-written franchises in gaming history and turning it into just another way that teenage griefers can go around nuking each other.”

Griefing could be a pretty big concern in the upcoming Bethesda game, as the nukes work in a very interesting way.

The game will use what’s being dubbed a ‘Nuke Loop,’ which could allow high-level players access to high-level items.

Setting off a nuke in Fallout 76 isn’t really the most effective way to get a kill – nukes are there more to essentially wipe an area clean. In doing so, you’ll turn the area into a more difficult place to navigate, with higher-level threats and enemies – and the chance to get yourself some better loot.

Accessing nukes isn’t as easy as a loot drop though. You’ll need to piece together their launch codes, and then find them in silos across Appalachia.

Fallout 76 has already seen some backlash for its nukes because of how they look when they detonate.

Will you be picking up Fallout 76 when it launches later this year?