Nintendo And Sony Not Attending PAX East 2014

PAX East is an open floor for Microsoft as Nintendo and Sony will not be attending the event. This would be a first as the big three normally is available at the show and showing off something new or giving a taste as what we can expect during the E3 expo.

There’s no word as to why exactly as why Sony and Nintendo won’t be showing during the upcoming PAX East event. Nintendo recently spoke with Polygon which they stated that while they won’t be a PAX East this year, Nintendo will give fans plenty of opportunities to get a taste of what’s to come.

If you can recall last year during E3, Nintendo also didn’t attend the usual press conference event but rather gave small meetings. Also, several video games being shown off at E3 for Nintendo was also available in several Best Buy locations across America. Perhaps we will see a repeat of the same presentation during this years E3.

For those gamers who plan on attending Pax East this year in Boston, there’s still plenty of great exhibits to browse through. Microsoft will be attending and several developers, publishers along with new indie development teams.