Nintendo And Sony Not Attending PAX East 2014

PAX East is an open floor for Microsoft as Nintendo and Sony will not be attending the event. This would be a first as the big three normally is available at the show and showing off something new or giving a taste as what we can expect during the E3 expo. There’s no word as … Read more

New Assassin’s Creed Game Not Located In Japan

The Assassin’s Creed series is  filled with not only fun gameplay, interesting story but a diverse open-world set in a historical standpoint. Throughout the franchise we’ve seen new locations and time periods though where the next game will be taking place has yet to be revealed. One location that we can cross off  is Japan … Read more

The Last Of Us Demo Not Playable Due To Error Code 80023017

Gamers with God of War: Ascension can start playing The Last Of Us demo today. The demo is a small download and the game will use files already present on the God of War disk. The demo contains two locations and two very different styles of gameplay. There are no real spoilers except one new character … Read more