New Killzone: Shadow Fall details

The latest issue of Game Informer has provide a tons of new  details for the latest  Guerrilla Games installment ,Killzone: Shadow Fall. 

The game was first announced with a debut gameplay during the PlayStation 4′s unveiling event in February . Thanks to Gamingeverything for all the details.

– Wanted to do something a bit different than what they accomplished with the PS3
– Game begins on the Vectan home planet
– Helghast have been allowed to move in next door in their home planet
– The two cultures’ differences result in tension
– Team is looking to expand on Killzone’s existing systems
– Ex: can drop down on enemies and perform death-from-above maneuvers
– Mechanics have been tinkered with
– Can switch modes on your weapons
– Ex: you’re using a close range weapon, and with the press of a button, scope flips up and switches over to a long-range weapon