New Apex Legends Map Revealed In Season 11 Trailer

A brand new map is being added to Apex Legends, as shown in a cinematic trailer for the upcoming Season 11 update.

The new map is set on what looks like a tropical island, with luscious beaches and palm trees. However, it’s not quite as relaxing as it first seems – various new threats await players in the heart of this mysterious island.

In the trailer, we see Mirage being saved from the jaws of a prowler, a fearsome quadraped, by Bangalore. Later, he’s accompanied by the new playable character Ash, and a swarm of monstrous spiders appears out of nowhere. It’s safe to assume PVE will be a major feature of this new map, and it’s looking like a nice change of pace from the latest map Olympus.

YouTube video


Season 11, Escape, is launching on November 2nd with the new legend Ash, who was previously seen in Titanfall 2 as an antagonist.

The trailer gives us an idea of what her abilities might be – she has a pretty easy time dispatching most of the cast in this trailer, and it looks like she’ll be able to teleport and cut enemies down with her sword.

It’s likely Respawn will be giving us more details about the new map very soon, and with just a couple weeks left before Season 11 we don’t have long to wait before we can explore it for ourselves.

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Featured image credit: Respawn