Apex Legends Adds Another Titanfall 2 Character

A new Apex Legends character has been revealed, and it’s Ash from Titanfall 2.

Respawn Entertainment revealed the new character in another installment of the Stories from the Outlands video series. In the video we’re re-introduced to Ash, who manages to come off as even creepier than Revenant.

Fans of Respawn’s Titanfall games will probably be familiar with Ash, as she had a major role in Titanfall 2’s campaign. Some fans speculated she might be coming to the game after previous content hinted towards the character making an appearance, and it seems the speculation was right.

Ashes to Ash

Apex Legends players might also be familiar with Ash already, as she’s been in charge of the Arena mode for a while. She also played a part in Season 5, being restored during the Broken Ghost quest.

YouTube video

Ash is expected to release with Apex’s eleventh season, Escape. A full trailer for Season 11 will be shown this Thursday, October 21st, and will be launching on November 2nd.

Another crossover with Titanfall was confirmed too – the C.A.R SMG. This weapon was usable in both Titanfall games, and it’ll be interesting to see how it shake’s up the game’s sandbox.

Apex Legends has developed a large array of unique characters over the past couple years, and Ash is another interesting addition to the lineup.

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Featured image credit: Respawn