Netflix Is Raising Its Prices In The UK Once Again

Less than 18-month after its last price hike, Netflix is raising its subscription prices in the UK once again.

It seems like all of our bill prices never cease to keep increasing. Now, Netflix is increasing our expenses with an increase to its monthly subscription service in the UK. This affects all tiers of the service, right the way from a personal account up to a family one. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Credit: Netflix

Netflix Price Hike – How much more expensive is it?

There are three different types of Netflix subscriptions that you can have: Basic, Standard, and Premium. The tier at which you subscribe will dictate the quality in which you can stream, as well as the number of people that can use the account at once.

Basic users forgo the ability to stream in HD, while 4K streaming is exclusive to Premium members. Of course, the additional features all come with a cost, which is about to increase fairly significantly. Here are the price hikes for each tier.

  • Basic Tier – £5.99 → £6.99
  • Standard Tier – £9.99 → £10.99
  • Premium Tier – £13.99 → £15.99

While it might not seem like a huge price increase, those additional costs will start to add up over time. A premium user is now expected to pay an additional £24 per year for their subscription.

It will be up to users to decide whether they still feel comfortable paying for Netflix after the price increase. The streaming service continues to release a vast amount of content. Today, it dropped the fourth season of the immensely popular Formula 1 show, Drive to Survive. It’s also expected to release the fourth season of Stranger Things later this summer.

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